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What is 30 Days For Hope?

It’s a month-long video fundraiser and prayer campaign happening in October 2023. Local churches will share one short HPC ministry video each week that highlights the challenges and opportunities of our Center.  

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Where can I watch more Videos?

The impact of FREE services. 

A client can receive a pregnancy test, STI test, nurse consultation, pregnancy education, and ultrasound, which totals about $1,000 in free services. 

New moms and dads receive free parenting and mentoring classes where they gain skills and earn baby and maternity materials. This vital education and support provide couples with about $1,200 in free support over twelve weeks. Clients attend between 6 to 24 classes during their pregnancies. 

Local schools and youth groups receive free education from certified educators. Our curriculum equips youth with the necessary skills to make the right choices and to have healthy relationships. Our educators provide each school with $600 - $1,800 in free education. 

Thank you for partnering with Hope Pregnancy Center!

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WHAT is the Financial Need?

HPC needs funding to expand our client medical days and services to meet the needs of our communities. Our annual spending budget is $310,000. A fundraising goal of $60,000 would help provide for this ministry's needs

HOW Can I Give?
Go to our
Partnership Opportunities page.
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