Sponsor-A-Day Program

When you participate in our featured gift program, your monthly donation will pay for our operations for a specific day of the year.

$20.00 per month to Sponsor a Half Day
$40.00 per month to Sponsor a Full Day

We want to encourage you to sign up right away so that you can get that special day set aside in your name. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, or a day that is just easy for you to remember, consider sponsoring that day for Hope Pregnancy Center.

To sign up for the Sponsor-A-Day program, email us at office@hpcontario.com or call us at 541-889-4722 and let us know which day you would like to sponsor.

You can make your donation through our online giving , request an automatic EFT from your account or mail in your donation each month.

Check the availability of the day you wish to sponsor from the table below. Then when you sign up, let us know which day (i.e. Feb 28) of the year we can set aside just for you.


Jan 16 Jim & Marlene Macfarlane


Feb 14 Paul & Marta Woodworth
Feb 26 Paul & Martha Snyder
Feb 27 Nancy Scott, Daniel Eicher's Birthday
Feb 28 Michael & Katie Harris


Mar 2 Vern & Joni Ball
Mar 8 Steve & Sharron Cox
Mar 16 Daren & Pam Schuster
Mar 26 George McClelland
Mar 28 Paul & Marta Woodworth
Mar 30 Vern & Joni Ball


Apr 9 Andy & Holly Oyervides
Apr 14 Roy & Kathy Evans
Apr 15 Matt & Lisaa Nielson
Apr 20 Nancy Scott, Birthday
Apr 23 Jim & Gail Hogg, Anniversary


May 3 Rick & Gayle Howard, Anniversary
May 5 Max & Jennifer Twombly
May 10 Debbie Grant
May 15 Frank & Darlene Johnson
May 20 Brian & Sheila McKinney
May 23 John & Raquel Blom, Kyle's Birthday
May 27 Nancy Scott, Tirzah Birthday
May 30 Nancy Scott, Azariah Birthday


Jun 3 Steve & Jenny Vantrease
Jun 4 Brandon & Amy Smith
Jun 6 Jim & Mavis Skeesuck
Jun 12 Ray & Joyce Ingalls, Anniversary
Jun 15 Clint & Julie Stowe, Purchased Rock Shop
Jun 16 Nancy Scott, David Eicher's Birthday
Jun 18 (1/2) Donald & Grace Saffel
(1/2) Jack & Beverly Perterson
Jun 26 Kerry & Patty Iseri, Shellie & Tom's Anniversary


Jul 1 David & Annarae Schorzman
Jul 2 Bob & Wendy Kemble
Jul 3 Kathy Dillehay
Jul 4 Nancy Scott, Michael Eicher's Birthday
Jul 15 (1/2) Kraig & Jennifer Galloway
Jul 17 Ian & Vi Fisher, In Memory of Lisa
Jul 21 Nancy Scott, Nathaniel Eicher's Birthday
Jul 23 Wayne & Stacy Burzota


Aug 1 Nancy Scott. Timothy Eicher's Birthday
Aug 2 Nancy Scott, Naomi's Birthday
Aug 3 Nancy Scott, Amethyst Eicher's Birthday
Aug 25 Bob & Carolyn Kniefel


Sep 2 Bicker & Kathy Therien
Sep 16 Ron & Laurel Handel, Ron's Birthday
Sep 21 Paul & Marta Woodworth
Sep 24 Randy & Valerie Martindale


Oct 6 Russ & Jan Heritage
Oct 11 Nancy Scott, Brittany Eicher's Birthday
Oct 18 Nancy Scott, Katie's Birthday


Nov 10 Vern & Joni Ball
Nov 19 John & Raquel Blom, Kori's Birthday


Dec 4 Tina Zerbel
Dec 7 Dennis & Deb Nyberg
Dec 12 Jodie & Lupe Brown
Dec 15 Nancy Scott, Matthew Eicher's Birthday
Dec 22 Brian & Brandy Sorenson
Dec 23 Kerry & Patty Iseri Anniversary
Dec 24 Carol McClelland
Dec 28 Nancy Scott, Arielle Eicher's Birthday

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