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Your faithfulness to HPC enables:

* Valerie, Jo, Jessica, Heather, Raquel, and Deb to offer FREE pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, STI tests, and pregnancy options education.

* Raquel, Kathy, Dan, and Sandy to have Bible studies with clients and get them ready for parenthood.

*Kami and Hector to equip church youth groups and public school students with God-honoring skills for healthy relationships.

Because of your generosity to our Vital Mission, we are able to continue to minister to families that come to HPC.

We Truly appreciate your continued SUPPORT!

Thank you for your support!

Success Stories

Meet a few of our babies! Thank you so much for all you do to provide a resource for these precious lives before they are even known to us.

Volunteer Positions

There are so many ways for you to become involved, Give us a call and put your gifts to work today!



As a non-profit, we solely run off of your generous support. Hope Pregnancy Center has many ways for you to give. Click for more information

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